My three kiddo's

My three kiddo's

Friday, April 15, 2011

Some things just don't make sense....

Often throughout the day I think of things that just don't make sense.  I can sit and stew about them for hours but it gets me nowhere.  Maybe if I write them on here, somehow, someone will make sense of them and share with me what I am missing....
Why would a 13-year-old girl need to wear thong underwear? Not mine, mind you.  No way.  The day the child even suggested she wanted to wear thong underwear would be the day I committed her to the nunnery (do they even HAVE those anymore??). 
What is the point of a 13-year-old wearing a thong to school? under jeans? sweats? shorts? Is she worried about panty lines at 13? How would a 13-year-old even know TO worry about panty lines? This same 13-year-old started getting her eyebrows waxed at 10.  Shaving legs at 9.  Getting the picture here?
Someone's mother must think it is very cool to have a little mini-me.  Really not cute.  A 40-something shouldn't be wearing a 13-year-olds clothes and vice versa, unless one of them (or in this case BOTH of them) are dressing VERY inappropriately for their age!
Why would anyone want their little girl to grow up so fast? Let her stay young.  Let her be a kid.  Let her worry about tests, homework, friends, etc... rather than which eyeliner is going to highlight her eye color better. 
I hate that my daughter is growing up so fast.  I want her to stay young and innocent for as long as she possibly can.  I don't want my daughter to have a reputation for being 'advanced' and slutty. 
If the mother only knew that most of the parents in this town have heard about her daughter and heard of her reputation.... If she knew WHAT the other kids (and parents) thought of her daughter, she might think twice about the thong underwear.  She might think twice about letting her daughter go hang out at boys houses in the dark without supervision.  She might not let her walk around town unsupervised at all hours.
Maybe she wants to be a young grandmother? That is the only conclusion I can arrive at.  Otherwise, I am at a loss. I hate to see what is happening to this young girl.  I hate to see how she is being targeted by older boys and immensely enjoying the attention she is getting.  I want to shake this mother until she opens her eyes and sees what is going on right in front of her. 

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  1. yikes! that's all I have to say about that one